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Relaxation is the key.

Relaxation is the key.
We all encounter stress in our busy lives. It can come at us from all sides and once this feeling gets into our bodies, our minds, our spirit, it is hard to uproot it.
And even our choice of words to describe it - "uproot" as an example - can add to the tension, the sense of grasping and aggressively resisting the things that bring us stress.
In my own life, whatever ability I have to cope with stress/tension and to release unneeded pain comes from my daily meditation practice.


Stand up! straighten up! Stop slouching! We've all heard this at one time or another, most likely first from Mom. And she was right, it's important! We basically spend a significant portion of our lives bent over and folded in half - seated and immobile, muscles tightening, joints settling into a compensatory semi-permanent shape that will eventually lead to pain and disfunction. 
We wonder why we hurt, why it takes half the morning to loosen up enough to get on with our day. Well, when you freeze your body into this doubled over shell every day for years, it will protest.

What to do when it hurts.

Blog #3What to do when it hurts.
So something hurts. What now? Who do I go to, where do I go, do I go anywhere at all or do I try to fix it myself, do I take anything for it, do I stretch or strengthen or rest? How will I work, how will I play, what will become of me?
There are as many answers to these questions as people with pain to ask them. But perhaps the best place to start is to ask whether you need medical help. I would say that you need to ask:
1.How severe is the injury/pain