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Start-ups: Studio and Body

My blog this week is about how I started up my new studio and how you can start up your new physical life.
I got down to the business of building my business on November 11, 2011. I found myself suddenly out of work and decided to make the move to self-employment and independance. This seems to me much like those of you who have recently found yourself in a similar physical place,feeling vulnerable and just generally "stuck" and going nowhere fast! Many of my clients start out experiencing low levels of fitness, with joints and muscles in chronic pain and no energy for daily life. At some point it becomes clear that something has to change.
So the answer for my career needs and the answer for your physical needs is to start over and "start up!".
In the case of my studio, first I needed a space where this work could happen. On the advice of my favorite person (Karen!) I hired a friend in Real Estate to negotiate for the space we found. Its a fantastic place to train, with high ceilings, hardwood floors, decorative ceiling, expansive front windows and a location with great foot traffic and lots of parking.
When choosing a place to start up your personal fitness plan, it's extremely important to want to be there! Location, location, location! If it doesn't feel good you won't want to go, you won't want to emotionally invest in the time and effort to get there and be there for your physical training and self-startup. Walking Tall Fitness is a place that invites you in, that feels supportive. It feels good and I enjoy being there. I think you will too!
Then I got some fitness equipment. I did extensive research and found a brand of reformer Pilates  that would fit the space. Size, upholstery color, etc was important. Other exercise equipment included treadmills, dumbbells, a multi-exercise cable machine, medicine balls, and mats. It was all chosen to fit the size and look of the studio and to provide all you need to implement your exercise experience.
Your start-up should include a personal trainer who understands the many uses of this exercise equipment. Your fitness trainer should have extensive experience in designing creative and effective workout plans.
Once the startup was set up, I needed to get going! The exercise equipment and space, not to mention the personal trainer (me!), needed to be announced, advertised and marketed. Again I turned to my partner in life and technical expert - Karen! - for website design, flyer and business card creation and general computer savvy. Again it seemed to me that my energies were (are) best spent training. Its the thing I know and the thing I love to do, and the overriding theme in this adventure is to use the resources in your life, to look for help when you need it and it's available.
So that's the point of all this. It's tough to start up your new physical self all by yourself! Get some help! Find a place you can feel good about, find the right tools to re-educate your body and redesign your body structure, find the right guide for your needs, for your unique individual physical self. And come to Walking Tall Fitness for a free session to see if it is the right place at the right time with the right help from someone who cares.
Hope to see you soon!

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