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Online Class Registration

We are so pleased that there has been such an overwhelming response to the addition of Small Group Pilates Classes here at Walking Tall. To keep things running smoothly, I'm making a few changes to better accommodate the increase in attendance. 

Many clients have asked to be able to schedule an ongoing class reservation...and we are happy to make this option available via our MindBodyOnline scheduling system. Here's how it works:

  1. Go to the Walking Tall Pilates & Fitness Homepage (www.

You Are Invited!

Pilates Teacher Training Course Q&A Meeting
September 20, 1pm

We are starting something new and welcome you to join us in the adventure! Starting October 2nd, Walking Tall Pilates and Fitness will be hosting a full certification program in Pilates Mat and Apparatus. The course will be held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6-9pm and certification is through the Body Be Well training program. Our courses will be taught by the certification's founder, Chelsea Streifeneder.

Come by our studio to meet Chelsea and learn more about the program on September 20th at 1pm!

Pilates Workshop!

I recently attended a seminar/workshop weekend at Movement's Afoote Pilates Studio in NYC. The subject of the workshop was "Innovations in Pilates: Therapeutic Muscle Stretching on the Pilates Equipment" with Anthony Lett.

I love going to events like this workshop. They're not inexpensive, they require that I cancel my own client appointments for two days, they involve significant travel time and effort, and they always necessitate a strong follow-up effort and intense study to get a handle on the information and the various hands-on techniques that are presented in the workshop.

Mindful Exercise

As part of each day, Zen students are assigned a Daily Concentration Practice. This is a helpful way to bring the awareness of zazen (seated Zen meditation) into a daily activity. In this practice, we choose something that is simple and relatively short in duration, 3-5 minutes, such as making the bed, doing daily toiletries, opening doors, etc.

Each time we engage in this chosen activity we let go of extraneous thinking - "Monkey Mind" - and simply pay attention to what we are doing. If a thought arises, acknowledge it, let it go and return to the task at hand.

Use the best to be the best!

Readers' Choice Winners: ByMarguerite Ogle 

Winner! Best Pilates Reformer: The Studio Reformer from Balanced Body. 

Balanced Body says their Studio Reformer has been the #1 choice of Pilates professionals since 1976. They must be right. It certainly had an enthusiastic group of voters for the Readers Choice awards. Known for a sturdy, smooth ride, this machine comes standard in Maple but can be ordered in different woods and in a variety of upholstery colors. Learn more at the Balanced Body

New Season, new investments in our bodies and in our minds!

       As of March 30th, Walking Tall has a brand new Pilates Reformer/Tower - this gives usthreeand lets us start running weekly classes at various days/times. I'll get them online and start sending the schedule out to the general public in a day or two. 

The other big Walking Tall development is a workshop I'm attending in NYC on April 6 & 7 - "Therapeutic Stretching on the Reformer". This should fit right in with my Fascial Stretch Therapy and the concept of pain-free workouts that is part of my approach to fitness.

Mind & Body

There's lots of ways to "get in shape". Many modalities to choose from, ranging from dumbbells, weight machines, treadmills, swimming, walking, Pilates, Yoga and the list goes on...

All useful tools and ways to become familiar with them, using trainers, classes, books/magazines, TV shows, experts and "wanna-be experts" to point you in one direction or another.

All that to start your conditioning program, with all the physical aspects of exercise. But of course that's not all there is to it.

Flowing Movement

One of Joseph Pilates' fundamental concepts in his approach to fitness was "flow". I take that to mean working with energy, generatingrelaxedenergy, moving that energy in a directed way throughout the body and ultimately interacting with that energy in what could be called the dance of felt movement. 
The word "felt" is important, because we so oftendon'tfeel what we do, what and how we move, and our experience is cut off before it gets started.

One thing I found in Pilates that I recognized from my training in Kung Fu was this flowing movement.

Thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Every day we wake up without pain is a reason to celebrate.
In my work I meet many people who look like they are just fine! Nobody would suspect they are hurting, nobody would think they were "limited" in their daily activities.
But they are hurting, they are limited, and I am grateful that I am working in a field that often lets me help with that pain. And sometimes "we" (I include the client, because it's always a team effort!

Relaxation is the key.

Relaxation is the key.
We all encounter stress in our busy lives. It can come at us from all sides and once this feeling gets into our bodies, our minds, our spirit, it is hard to uproot it.
And even our choice of words to describe it - "uproot" as an example - can add to the tension, the sense of grasping and aggressively resisting the things that bring us stress.
In my own life, whatever ability I have to cope with stress/tension and to release unneeded pain comes from my daily meditation practice.