Walking Tall Pilates & Fitness - Personal Training
Why don't people exercise?

It's not like there's any doubt about the benefits. Its not like nobody sees the risk in NOT exercising. 

And yet most people don't exercise enough 
or at all!

There's all the usual reasons, from "not enough time" to money issues; from "I just don't like exercise" to "I don't like the gym", from "the people there are all perfect", to the ever popular "I'm just too tired at the end of the day".

And how about this reason, perhaps the most challenging and frustrating of them all, the issue of PAIN. How many great programs, sincere commitments and honest intentions have fallen by the wayside when faced with pain and injury? That pain, that reason to quit, seems insurmountable.

So what to do? It's tough to start an exercise program, it's tough to make it a part of your life. All the above problems are for real! And the solutions are just as real. The answer is an entirely different approach to fitness, an integration of methods I've come to through a lifetime's worth of searching for those solutions.

First, you have to get READY to exercise. You have to prepare! It's like fixing a car, or painting a room, it's like your work, like any project you take on.

If you take the time to think about it ahead of time, to plan what needs doing, to collect the proper tools and resources, then it will go better. You'll get results! Why should exercise be different? So you plan to face your obstacles: Don't like the gym? Don't feel like trying to "fit in"? The solution is to downsize. Personal attention in a private environment, no distractions, it's all for you and my intention is to shape your program so that it fits you naturally, so that it becomes a vital part of your lifestyle.

Second, exercise should feel good! That's a radical statement, I know, but why not? If a movement is stiff and uncoordinated, it should be modified. Simple as that. If there's an imbalance, if there's a loss of control or flow in a movement, step back, shorten the movement, lessen the resistance, MODIFY so it fits you in your present body. If it then feels too easy (what a nice idea!) then we MODIFY again. This dance continues until movement becomes fluid, charged with confidence, alive!

Third, all movement is important. Mobility affects your daily life. And stability affects your daily life. Posture is living anatomy.What you do with your body is reflected in your anatomy. Your structure changes in a positive direction when you move in a conscious, directed way. These things determine your energy through the day. These things affect and influence your personality, your perspective, your opinions and relationships. You know how your day goes when you feel good. This is what your life is, what movement is and what I want to bring to your sessions when you come to move with me.

Finally, there's that issue of pain. I have worked in this field for many years and the single biggest obstacle I have faced with my clients -and yes, in my own exercise program - is pain. My own challenge has been back pain - debilitating, frequent episodes of back pain for 20+ years. It led me to such pain management modalities as Yoga, physical therapy, acupuncture, Rolfing. In recent years I've earned certifications and ex
plored other avenues of physical training through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, Muscle Activation Techniques, Balanced Body Pilates, and most recently Fascial Stretch Therapy. Through these techniques I can often relieve or even eliminate pain that has become chronic, pain that interferes with movement, with work, with exercise and with your life.
It's my intention and wish to help move you beyond your limits. One step at a time, we get you physically ready to add the positive stress of exercise to your body. We help you to see exercise as movement and freedom. I want to remove the obstacle of pain, to explore the possibility of real, profound change in your body, in your life. And we want to reinforce each positive change, to use all that you have to offer. 

Testimonial: "Hi Dave, I wanted to let you know that I'm almost 100% recovered. Was 90+% yesterday. Thank you so much. I appreciate the work that you do. Best, Helen"

 It's time to start "Walking Tall", isn't it?