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After only a couple months of working with Dave the lower back pain I woke up with every single day disappeared! What made the difference was you limbering up my hips! But also, I used to wake up in the night, the first steps out of bed hurt my feet. When you feel crippled getting out of bed you feel a hundred years old! I really do feel a hundred times better. I come in and it's nice to be here and I feel better when I leave. I know it's made a huge difference.
Patricia Jones

I have several physical limitations that can interfere with just plain life. For the past several months I have trained twice a week with Dave. Going out to Utah to ski this past winter was the best skiing I've done in years. I must attribute it to the training I received here. Carol Sherer
I no longer have lower back pain and I have been able to get a good night sleep. After being under the care of doctors, physical therapist & chiropractors, NOBODY HAS GIVEN ME BACK PAIN RELIEF LIKE DAVID. With some simple stretches I am pain free, able to work 10 hour days and enjoy whatever I am doing. John Suplina
I have been going to David Seaman for personal training for six years. I am a senior citizen and have never been in better shape then I am right now. David puts me through a mixture of training routines that includes Pilates, TRX, weight training, etc. From the training, my posture has also greatly improved. David is not only an excellent trainer, he knows and understands the body well. As a result, he can also lessen or stop pains and aches. When I first went to him, I was suffering from pains in both of my arms. He treated me for only several minutes, the pain was gone and it has never returned. I strongly urge everyone to at least try one session with David - you will not regret it. Richard Peck, retired teacher
It's the best kept secret in the Hudson Valley. You'd have to be crazy not to try it. Paul Fournier, client
Millbrook, new york, Training, Personal Trainer, fitness trainer, personal fitness trainer, Fitness tDavid is a businessman but most of all a health care and fitness provider. He is extremely knowledgeable and works very well with all ages. He is well educated and continues to fine tune his skills. I have never found a better person in his field. Lillian Lang, client