Walking Tall Pilates & Fitness - Personal Training

Group Classes

Pilates Reformer Classes:   $200 for 10 sessions

Single Reformer Pilates Class:   $25

Single Yoga Class:   $15

Integrated Personal Training/Pilates

Many clients prefer the one-on-one guidance of a certified personal trainer whose job it is to concentrate on a specific training method, such as Pilates or TRX. Others utilize a variety of equipment like dumbbells and cable machines while taking advantage of the latest strength and conditioning training techniques. 

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) is offered as a stand-alone manual bodywork session or as part of the mix available in any Integrated Training session.

The cost for Integrated Personal Training is the same whichever approach you choose. 

One hour                                Half hour
1 Session  $80                          1 Session  $45
4 Pack     $300 ($75/session)     4 Pack     $170  
10 Pack   $700 ($70/session)     10 Pack    $310   
20 Pack $1200 ($60/session)     20 Pack    $600
Duet or Trio (2 or 3 people) 
1 Session $50 per person    
4 Pack    $160 per person ($40/session)       
10 Pack  $375 per person ($37.50/session)         
20 Pack  $700 per person ($35/session)

Personal Training/Personal Training for Weight Loss

                                  One Hour                                  
                           1 Session $60                            
4 Pack $220
10 Pack $600