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Our goal is to provide a full-service Pilates studio, with the area's top staff and best Pilates equipment. However, your session isn't just limited to the physical experience. Pilates is a conscious method for mind and body development. A mindful environment can be as important as the movement. Our space is designed to relax and rejuvenate - to energize and encourage. Strengthen your core, find your center and discover the feel of natural balance in your life!
Our Program Includes:

Individualized attention to meet your needs and schedule
Duet and Trio
2 or 3 people - a great way to save money and workout with a partner

Group Classes
Monday 9 AM Reformer (Beg) with Dave
Monday 5:30 PM Reformer (Beg/Interm) with Dave

Tuesday 9:00 AM Reformer (Beg/Interm) with Dave 
Tuesday 5:30 PM  Reformer (Interm/Adv) with Dave

Wednesday 10 AM Reformer  (Interm/adv) with Freeze 
Wednesday 12 PM Pilates for MS with Freeze

     Thursday 5:30 PM Reformer (Beg/Interm) with Dave

Friday 5:30 AM (Interm/adv) with Dave

Saturday 10 AM Reformer (Beg) with Freeze
Saturday 11 AM  Reformer (Interm/Adv) with Freeze

Sunday 10 AM Reformer (Interm) with Freeze
Sunday 11 AM Reformer (Interm) with Freeze

$25 drop-in rate | $200 for 10 classes


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