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You want to lose weight, eat better, have more energy & feel healthier. 
You have the best intentions, but lets face it, change is hard, really hard
The fact is that most diets are at best short term fixes leaving you feeling hungry and deprived. And, with the overwhelming barrage of deceptive food marketing and the multitude of differing opinions, one is left with not even knowing what to eat!
And, if your lucky enough to figure all that out, you may still have to contend with addictive food additives and poor gut health leaving you with an inability to lose weight,
no matter how hard you try.

Karen’s program starts with developing an understanding of humans and our nutritional needs from an evolutionary standpoint. She will teach, coach and assist you in your journey to live a leaner, healthy life. You will learn to make good food choices; live healthy in the bodies we inherited while becoming free of habits that make us sick, fat and die younger than we should. You will learn to enjoy and crave foods that leave you feeling cleansed, energetic, recharged and clear. You will lose weight without starving and maintain your weight loss permanently!

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Karen Weis is certified through the American Council on Exercise as a Health Coach & Personal Trainer. She has holds numerous group fitness certifications and has been a group exercise instructor for over 20 years.
“I began my career as the fitness industry was just taking off and enthusiastically promoted fitness by running/owning fitness facilities &teaching group classes. Over the last several years, I have become increasingly       passionate about nutrition, as I witness people becoming more active, yet less healthy. I consider myself an autodidact. My knowledge has been acquired from reading hundreds of books and research papers combined with trial and error on my own road to health.”