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Walking Tall Pilates & Fitness 
A unique fitness studio where David and his staff provide an integrated approach to fitness. We work hard to enable our clients to reach goals far beyond what they ever imagined was possible. You can choose one approach, such as Pilates, Traditional Strength Training or Fascial Stretch Therapy, or combined styles and tools. A wide range of methods and equipment are used in our comfortable, private studio. Your goals are based on individual capabilities and interests. 

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Find how you can move beyond your current limits by removing the barriers of pain and explore the possibility of real, profound change in your body and your life!

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Private Sessions / Duet Sessions / Group Classes 


Group Apparatus Classes

Monday 9 AM Reformer (Beg) with Dave
Monday 5:30 PM Reformer (Beg/Interm) with Dave

Tuesday 9:00 AM  Reformer (Interm/Adv) with Freeze

Wednesday 10 AM Reformer  (Interm/adv) with Freeze 
Wednesday 12 PM Pilates for MS with Freeze

     Thursday 5:30 PM Reformer (Beg/Interm) with Dave

Saturday 10 AM Reformer (Beg) with Freeze
Saturday 11 AM  Reformer (Interm/Adv) with Freeze

Sunday 10 AM Reformer (Interm) with Freeze
Sunday 11 AM Reformer (Interm) with Freeze

 $25 drop-in rate | $200 for 10 classes

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New Group Pilates Class
Thursday 5:30 PM Reformer (Beg/Interm) with Dave